29.05.2013 08:11

Fully automatic and enviromentally friendly paint stripping of skid cross member connection by means of inliner eddy current

Another German OEM has chosen the eddy current paint stripping system for the maintenance of cross member connections of the skids of its E-Coat and painting line. Pursuant to the manufacturing conditions at BMW Leipzig, we suggested the implementation of an inline paint stripping concept.


With our technology, the future has arrived right now

The unique eddy-current technology fulfils all requirements of today's painting process both with regard to decoating and drying.

A special decoater generates an eddy current Due to the heat generated, a small amount of paint vaporises on the direct contact surface of the metal. The paint bond is broken.

100% drying of the workpiece is achieved during surface drying or paint drying.

functional principle

(1) coil excited by AC current
(2) Magnetic alternating field
(3) Workpiece
(4) Induced eddy currents

2 work steps and the paint is off ...

work steps

...can be used again within seconds