29.05.2013 08:11

Fully automatic and enviromentally friendly paint stripping of skid cross member connection by means of inliner eddy current

Another German OEM has chosen the eddy current paint stripping system for the maintenance of cross member connections of the skids of its E-Coat and painting line. Pursuant to the manufacturing conditions at BMW Leipzig, we suggested the implementation of an inline paint stripping concept.


Coating OFF Inline with robot

The inline eddy current decoating with robots can take place continuously in a constant conveyor or, depending on the part geometry, discontinuously in a Power&Free conveyor. The process unit is located in the main conveyor. The parts to be decoated are usually not decoated during every single process run through without having to be taken out of the conveyor.

The process box is placed under the continuously running hooks by the robot and moved up by the hooks during forward movement of the conveyor. The decoaters arranged above the brushes apply an eddy current to the hook, the paint is dissolved and the following rotating brushes clean the hook metallically bright. Depending on the program only the holding points can be cleaned at very short intervals or the whole length of the hook at longer intervals. For decoating the hooks do not need to be removed from the conveyor or replaced manually.

The filter unit

The filter unit is made of aluminium system sections. It can be lifted and transported with a low-lift truck. The feet are equipped with adjusting screws to align the system. It is tightly enclosed by aluminium sheets.

The following units are installed in it:

  • Multi-level air filtering unit
  • Extraction fan

Switch cabinets

The switch cabinets contain the electrical components as well as the PLC and the eddy current generators.

The process box

The process box is on the robot hand.
It contains the decoaters and the rotating brushes arranged below it.