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Fully automatic and enviromentally friendly paint stripping of skid cross member connection by means of inliner eddy current

Another German OEM has chosen the eddy current paint stripping system for the maintenance of cross member connections of the skids of its E-Coat and painting line. Pursuant to the manufacturing conditions at BMW Leipzig, we suggested the implementation of an inline paint stripping concept.


Coating OFF Inline for cathodic dip painting skid contact plates

The 3 decoater stations are arranged one after another in the cooling tunnel after the cathodic skid painting oven and are bolted firmly to the floor.

The skids are decoated fully automatically inline at the contact plates in every circulation. Flat decoater 1 moves up to the contact plate on a vertical compressed air cylinder in the first cooling zone station. This is exposed to an eddy current for approx. 55 seconds and thus heated up further. The next two stations also contain flat decoaters which heat up the contact plate to a total of approx. 210°C and dissolve the paint. In the following brush station the contact plate is cleaned metallically bright.

The system has an amortisation time of less than one year for automobile manufacturers. This was achieved by the improved process stability and therefore less touching up to be done on cathodic skid painted bodies. In addition the external decoating costs as well as transport and logistics for this are considerably reduced. The production costs could also be reduced by dispensing with manual cleaning times.

The filter unit

The filter unit is omitted because the cooling tunnel already has a suction device.The filter unit is omitted because the cooling tunnel already has a suction device.

Switch cabinets

The switch cabinets contain the electrical components as well as the PLC and the eddy current generators. They are outside the cooling tunnel next to the individual stations.

The eddy current exposure

The eddy current exposure takes place at three stations in a row. The flat decoaters move vertically from bottom to top under the contact plate.

The brush station

The brush station is after the eddy current exposure. Driven brushes clean the contact plate from below.

Steuerung Skid Kontaktplatte
ungereinigte Kontaktplatte
gereinigte Kontaktplatte