29.05.2013 08:11

Fully automatic and enviromentally friendly paint stripping of skid cross member connection by means of inliner eddy current

Another German OEM has chosen the eddy current paint stripping system for the maintenance of cross member connections of the skids of its E-Coat and painting line. Pursuant to the manufacturing conditions at BMW Leipzig, we suggested the implementation of an inline paint stripping concept.


Concrete benefits of eddy-current technology

You only need one thing for decoating, surface drying and paint drying - electrical current. And you only need very little!

eddy-current technology

Savings potential using in-house decoating using eddy-current technology
(depending on the application)


  • Energy costs 50% - 90%
  • Chemicals 90% - 100%
  • Drinking water 60% - 100%
  • Emissions 90% - 100%
  • Hazardous waste 95% - 100%

Thorough decoating ensures improved painting results
(depending on the application)


  • Overspray 50% - 75%
  • Paint 10% - 15%
  • VOC 9% - 18%
  • Waste 10% - 20%

High level of economy

  • All paint types as well as rubber, glue and foams on metal can be processed
  • Short processing times
  • Relevant areas and complete workpieces can be processed
  • High level of process stability and flexibility
  • Can be integrated into all existing systems
  • Simplified logistics
  • No wear to the painting rack
  • No additional safety precautions required
  • Tailor-made and adjusted to your requirements
  • Modular design
  • No cycle losses
  • Immediate renewed availability of painting rack
  • No problems with deadlines and organization


Clear reduction in costs

  • Significant energy savings
  • No costs for disposal of hazardous waste
  • No investment for inlet or outlet water channels
  • No commitment of capital to additional painting racks
  • No costs for external logistics chain
  • Use of cheap painting racks without loss of quality
  • Reduction of personnel costs
  • Investment pays off within a short time

Unrivalled ecology

  • No use of any chemical substances
  • Waste is inert and can be disposed of easily
  • Low-emission procedure
  • No CO2 emissions or additional fuel costs
  • No waste water or hazardous waste